We have embraced Doddle within our school over the last year, as it deploys technology in an effective manner to reduce teacher workload, while improving assessment and tracking of student progress.

Otis McFadden at Firth Park Academy

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Our system provides a common assessment framework across all subjects, where we have broken down the curriculum into individual skills that students need to master.
No matter how different departments assess, our straightforward traffic-light system is flexible to every topic and supports complete and consistent progress tracking.


Doddle breaks down the key skills within each subject and specification, providing a clear path through the curriculum.


Results are easy to collect and track online through our self-marking quizzes, progress tests and teacher judgement.


Progress is visible to all key stakeholders, providing actionable next steps for meaningful improvement.

Doddle’s straightforward, manageable approach to progress, teaching and intervention are helping to transform assessment and tracking at our school.

Daniel Lye, Deputy Head at Bow School

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Doddle allows consistent departmental and cross-school assessment to take place. SLT can generate meaningful, whole school reporting — at a student, class and cohort level.

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Teachers can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of their classes. When a weakness has been identified, Doddle resources can help them go green.

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Doddle Parent enables you to regularly update parents with details of their student's skills, so they can see where their children are succeeding and which topics need revision.

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Doddle engages students in their own progress with straightforward learning checklists and detailed reports that highlight their successes and provide meaningful steps for improvement.

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