Doddle has made setting homework easier, we have made a financial saving by using it, and it has meant that we can focus more on teaching and learning in the classroom. It is a very user-friendly system for setting homework and the quality of resources on Doddle are really, really good.

David Pendlebury, Assistant Principal for Assessment and Reporting at Hinchingbrooke School

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Doddle provides a powerful whole-school homework solution where teachers can assign their own tasks and a huge variety of engaging, self-marking resources for their students across KS3 and KS4.


Doddle saves teachers time and keeps work organised. Through a flexible online platform and accompanying student and parent apps, homework can be easily assigned, completed and recorded.


Doddle contains thousands of engaging learning resources. Our formative presentations and quizzes can be set to introduce new topics, assess understanding and consolidate learning.


Doddle's self-marking quizzes support effective Retrieval Practice. They give students instant feedback and reduce workload by delivering a question level analysis of results into your online markbook.

"Doddle provides a consistent, self-marking tool that allows teachers to set, monitor, and check homework quickly and effectively."

Rob Cornick, Course Director of English

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Doddle enables straightforward and reliable homework practices to be consistently implemented throughout your school.

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Doddle provides a wealth of engaging, self-marking resources and a simple platform for assigning and analysing work.

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Parents can be confident that all their child's homework is scheduled, assigned and marked through our secure online platform.

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Students' 'to-do' lists give them an organised view of their upcoming homework and enables them to complete it all in one place.

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Photo credit: “Student learning at home” © Antonio Guillem