Try Doddle Science: Physics

This KS4 Physics quiz challenges your students to recall, apply and even rearrange key equations that they will need for their exams. It is designed to improve knowledge retention and uses regenerating numbers so that students can repeat it several times when revising.

This quiz is just one example of the hundreds of self-marking quizzes Doddle Science provides to help you teach and test the KS3 and KS4 content.

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What's in Doddle Science?

  • KS3 Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Working Scientifically at KS3
  • KS4 Combined Science
  • KS4 Separate Sciences
  • Working Scientifically at KS4
  • Mathematical Skills at KS4
  • AQA Separate Sciences 2016 (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • AQA Combined Science Trilogy
  • AQA Combined Science Synergy
  • OCR 21st Century Combined Science 2016
  • OCR 21st Century Separate Sciences 2016
  • OCR Gateway Combined Science 2016
  • OCR Gateway Separate Sciences 2016
  • Edexcel Combined Science 2016
  • Edexcel Separate Sciences 2016
  • Edexcel IGCSE Separate Sciences 2017
  • Edexcel IGCSE Science (Double Award) 2017
  • Cambridge IGCSE Separate Sciences
  • Cambridge Co-ordinated Sciences (Double Award)
  • WJEC Separate Sciences 2016
  • WJEC Science (Double Award) 2016
  • Teaching presentations
  • Homework quizzes (including quizzes on the required practicals)
  • Interactive revision activities
  • Animations, simulations and virtual experiments
  • Printable worksheets

Both the standard and practical quizzes are excellent for our requirements. Setting homework on Doddle takes a matter of seconds, it provides clear deadlines, and offers instant feedback to the students.

Jonathan Maude, Director of Science at Benton Park School