The Sheikh Zayed School for Boys, UAE

Philip Berry is Head of Science at The Sheikh Zayed School for Boys. While the school teach the US curriculum, they have still found the Doddle platform fits seamlessly into the Science department. Philip explains how teachers at Sheikh Zayed use Doddle to drive student engagement.


Doddle for students

For Philip, “Doddle gives the students a holistic approach to the curriculum and their own understanding." Students' comprehension increases as "the many resources are engaging and encourages independent learning at home or in school."

Doddle for teachers

Doddle provides an all-inclusive platform for teachers to assign and track homework. Philip notes that the valuable data Doddle produces helps teachers to target intervention. Question-by-question breakdowns inform teachers exactly where their students are struggling and which topics need to be re-addressed.

Instant feedback

As soon as a student answers a question on a Doddle quiz, they receive instant feedback. This could be a revision slide if they’ve answered a question incorrectly, or a recap slide to help consolidate their knowledge. At the end of a quiz, students receive instantaneous feedback, which Philip claims “pupils need to maintain engagement.”