Going from strength to strength at the Polygon School

By David Patchell, International School Co-ordinator and Manager of the VLE at the Polygon School

At the Polygon School, we have had a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) since 2012 and it has grown to be an invaluable resource that adds to the quality of teaching offered at our school.

Doddle is the next level of VLE because it is a quick, easy and personalised system that works for students, teachers and senior leaders.

The comprehensive data, and the time that saved putting it together, allows teachers to dedicate their time to high-value marking and effective student feedback. Through Doddle quizzes you can drill down to individual questions to see which topics are tripping pupils up, and it’s easy to compare results, helping us support different groups such as our Pupil Premium students. After three years of progress with Doddle and being one of their flagship customers we successfully gained The Centres of Excellence Award.

How does Doddle help us?

  • It allows pupils who are on a reduced timetable to still be able to access their curriculum and be educated off site.
  • It gives staff self-marking quizzes and ready-made teaching resources which reduce preparation time.
  • Staff are able to set and track classwork and homework, increasing the amount of work pupils are completing.
  • It enables parents to see what their children are doing at school.

The results over the first three years with Doddle show how the amount of work completed has gone from strength to strength with students completing an average of 94 pieces of work on Doddle each year. It has been great to see pupils completing work in their own time over weekends and inset days.

Every tutor group won one or more Doddle Champion titles and one of our students, Bradley B, won one of Doddle’s first national competitions for top users on Doddle.

Moving to Doddle has improved the amount of work completed by our pupils over the past three academic years. It is also excellent to see how teachers have embedded Doddle resources into their subject schemes of work, demonstrating again how teachers are benefiting from the time this saves. Thanks to all this, Doddle has become an invaluable resource to the Polygon School.

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