The British School of Kuwait

David Williams, Biology Coordinator at the British School of Kuwait, started using Doddle to encourage independent learning. Since then, Doddle has helped the department to track student attainment, assign differentiated tasks, and reduce teacher planning and preparation time.

Why Doddle?

"My initial interest in using Doddle came from wanting to make Boardworks resources available to our students, using both Macs and PCs, and having these resources available for them to use whenever they needed. In fact, Doddle has ended up playing a much bigger role in our teaching than I had anticipated, to the extent that it is one of the additional resources we have chosen to embed in our Biology KS3 and IGCSE teaching."

Differentiated homework and assessment

"The ability to set resources and quizzes for students to complete in their own time is very useful and the range of resources means that differentiated work can be set, either at a class, or a student level. As with Boardworks, I like the fact that the presentations also combine some form of assessment, such as ordering a sequence of events or some multiple-choice questions."

Analysing results and student confidence in the Markbook

“When students complete the work, the results from quizzes are immediately available for analysis in the Markbook, making these quizzes useful, not only as homework, but also for in-class assessments. We can then follow these results up by the immediate targeting of problem issues.

I particularly like that students are asked to rate how well they understood material they have just worked through, as this can also give indications of areas that might require closer attention. 

Organising the resources for the department is very easy: presentations, quizzes or animations can easily be assigned to user-defined folders by simply clicking and then choosing from a drop-down menu, and assigning work for students to complete is also a simple matter of a few mouse clicks."

Using Doddle in class

"One recent improvement that our students have liked is that resources assigned to them can now clearly be identified as either classwork or homework. For some lessons, Doddle resources form the main teaching resource, which leaves the teacher free to work with individual students. The reduction in planning and preparation time, coupled with the increased attention to students is a powerful combination for our teachers."