Discovering Doddle at Teddington School

The staff at Teddington School were keen to be among the first to subscribe to Doddle, and with good reason.

They discovered that Doddle simplified a lot of different aspects of their teaching.

Helping students progress is a Doddle

Doddle is packed with presentations and interactives for use in class, along with heaps of self-marking quizzes and revision materials.

Maths teacher Kash Mahay has been using the revision and mini quizzes with his class, “so we could see whether the revision lessons had an impact on their marks.”

His students told him that they really enjoyed the quizzes, and when the results appeared in his online markbook, Kash could see that the revision material had given their performance a significant boost.

His colleagues also find that Doddle helps their students to learn independently. Jason Kynes, Acting Deputy Curriculum Leader in the science department, said his students like the ‘To Do’ list on their homepage: “It comes up with the tasks immediately, so it’s easier for them to find out what they need to do”. Kevin Watling, Assistant Head at Teddington, agrees: “it really does encourage the students to be more aware of what work is outstanding.”

Setting work is a Doddle

The staff all find setting work with Doddle to be a piece of cake. Kevin said that “setting work is a lot easier,” especially when using our nifty My Stuff folder where teachers can create and save lessons. He was also chuffed to find all the teaching and revision tasks in one place, so that they can be assigned at the same time.

Kash also really liked having all his resources ready to go in a couple of clicks: “I set everything in one go, so I can dictate when it comes up.”

Marking work is a Doddle

With our online markbook, all the marking is done for you, and it allows you to compare students’ results and measure their progress. Kash has been making the most of this handy feature: “I could compare it to my own Excel file of what they got in their first set of tests, and I could see whether the revision lesson was having an impact.”

Motivating students is a Doddle

Doddle is designed to help keep your students excited about learning, and we’ve included lots of handy features to brighten up homework tasks.

See what Doddle can do for your school

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