With our team of dedicated education experts and editorial staff, teachers using Doddle know that they have reliable and engaging resources at their disposal.
Doddle’s flexible framework and wealth of content helps save time around planning lessons, setting and marking homework, and assessment of student achievement.
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Time saving
Doddle has been designed to save teachers time. Read our full report on how each aspect of Doddle can be used to help reduce teacher workload in your department.

Doddle presentations support your lessons
Engaging resources
Doddle resources are perfect for introducing new concepts and consolidating learning. Our presentations and interactive activities are packed with animated and audio elements which help to bring your topics to life.
Self-marking homework
Doddle’s tablet-friendly formative homework activities engage students with a variety of real-life, problem solving tasks, as well as questions encouraging them to explore interesting source materials.

Automatically marked quizzes deliver meaningful results

Automatic markbooks focus areas for intervention
Automatic markbook
Teachers can easily identify class and individual strengths and weaknesses with our online markbook, which keeps track of what your students have completed, what they scored and how they rate their confidence on the subject.
Independent learning
Students can access all Doddle learning materials independently, enabling them to improve their results with hundreds of clear and formative revision resources.

Doddle revision resources support independent learning
Easily track progress with Doddle
Attainment and progress

As a Doddle Suite customer, Doddle subscriptions also include personal learning checklists that cover both the KS3 and KS4 specifications.

Integrated diagnostic testing and individual reports mean your students will benefit from personalised, meaningful next steps. Teacher and departmental reporting mean you have the tools to rigorously analyse the data to identify what to cover next.

See what Doddle can do for your school

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