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I can’t click on the Next button in a Doddle quiz

We have identified that in the situation where SMARTInk software is attached to
a SMARTBoard, and Doddle is being used in Internet Explorer, the Next button
sometimes doesn’t work in a Doddle quiz.


Solution 1: Use another browser

Firstly, you can use another browser. We recommend Google Chrome, which can be downloaded for free from 


Solution 2: Turn off SMARTInk Software

1. Click on the SMARTInk icon at the top of the browser.
2. From there then select the ‘Settings’ tab.
3. Select ‘Turn Off SMARTInk’ button and click ‘Ok’.
4. Press ‘F5’ on your keyboard to refresh the page.
5. Close and re-open the browser and sign back into Doddle.