How do I share my own resources through Doddle?

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Sharing with Students

You can do this while creating an assignment or upload your own materials into your subject’s Departmental Stuff area. When uploading, you can multi-select files from your computer to upload more files in one go. 


Sharing with Colleagues


If you save Doddle resources or upload your own resources to the Departmental stuff area, they will be shared with all colleagues. To share resources included in a Homework assignment, tick the Save to My folders option as you make the assignment. You can then move the saved Lesson folder from My Folders to the Departmental Stuff area.

To help keep things organised and easy to find, we recommend setting up folders according to your scheme of work before uploading content into each folder. 


Deleting Folders or Resources from the My Folders or Departmental Stuff areas


 You can delete folders and resources within the ‘Departmental Stuff’ area and the ‘My Folders’ area. When logged into Doddle, head to your subject area and find the folder or resource you wish to delete. To delete an entire folder, click on the drop down arrow and select Delete. To delete individual files, select the checkbox and then the “Actions” dropdown in the top right of the screen to select “Delete”.









Things to consider when uploading your files:


We have a maximum individual file size of 40MB, but for most content that shouldn’t be an issue. Remember you can also include links to other websites, Youtube etc. in task descriptions when assigning work.


  • We do have a school-wide upload limit; if you find you hit it, just get in touch with your Account Manager and we’ll see what we can do.
  • Doddle also contains lots of great interactive teaching and testing activities which you can assign on their own or alongside your own resources.