School Admin: Managing Students

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When you log in to Doddle as a School Admin, In the Students tab, you can check all the student and class data and edit student usernames and passwords.


View how your student data is organised

Click on a year group on the left and then select classes within the year. Students will appear on the right-hand pane. You can search for students by clicking the Search button at the top of the page. You can search by name, and/or filter by Year and Class.


Change student information

You can change a student’s password, username, email address and name using the Change password and Edit buttons. If a student has forgotten their password, then you don’t need to reset it. You can view what is currently set by pressing Change password and then Reveal. Please note that all teachers can access students’ log in details and passwords by class from their own teacher user account, and can download details by class into a spreadsheet.


Notifying students

Both teacher users and school admin users can use Doddle’s notification tools to
communicate usernames and passwords to students. Teacher users can do this at class level, and school admin users can do this at year, and whole school, level.


Notifying an individual student

Navigate to the student by browsing through year and class then click Notify next to their name. This will display their username on screen and their hidden password. Click Reveal to view their password. You could use one of the bulk notification options for larger groups of students, explained on the next page.
If you have chosen to add email addresses to the students’ accounts in Doddle, you can email students this information by choosing the Notify by email button.


Notifying classes, years and the whole school

As a school admin user, you can notify students of their username and password at
individual level, class level, year level, and whole school level. The bulk notification
methods (class and above) give you the following options:
– Downloading your own stickers
– Downloading a spreadsheet
– Emailing students
To use any of these, just filter to the level that you want to notify, e.g. Year 8, and then
click Notify at the top of the screen above the student details. Follow the instructions
given on screen for each option. If you don’t have email addresses in the system for
students, then the system will flag this up and suggest using a different notification


Non-MIS schools

The following guidance covers adding new students and adding and amending class
lists: this is relevant ONLY for schools with no MIS link (such as SIMS).

Most of our customers choose to install an MIS link so the students/classes will update overnight and be visible on Doddle after 1-2 days. This includes when new students join during the year. If you have any questions about your MIS link with Doddle, please contact your Account Manager.


Adding new individual students

(ONLY for schools with no MIS link)

1. Select the year and the class to which you wish to add the student.
2. Click the Edit Class button and a pop up window will appear (see screenshot below).
3. Use the left hand side boxes under ‘Student finder’ to search and check if the student has already been set up in Doddle.
4. If not, click the New Student button (bottom right) and add the details. The standard
username follows this pattern: FirstnameSurnameYearstartedschool (e.g. a Year 7 student from 2015 will be JaneSmith15). Students do not need an email address to have an account created. They will need to be informed of their username and password. You can then quickly add students to the other classes, as below.


Amending classes

 (ONLY for schools with no MIS link or non-MIS classes)

1. Select the year and the class to which you wish to add the student.
2. Click the Edit Class button and a pop up window will appear.
3. To remove a student from the class click on the x next to their name in the class
list on the right hand side.
4. To add a student to a class use the left hand side boxes under Student finder to search the student and use the >> arrows next to their name to move them into the
class and click OK.