School Admin: Managing Staff

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When you log in to Doddle as a School Admin, you can add new staff accounts, edit staff details (including amending permissions) and reset their passwords (staff passwords are encrypted for security and cannot be revealed).
We are always happy to make any amendments for you; contact your Account Manager at [email protected] or on 01865 208 440.

The school admin area has 5 sections and is available to teachers who have been permitted access:

Staff – add staff, import multiple members of staff and edit their access levels.
Students – import new users and classes, change passwords and manage parent keys.
Year Groups – edit which years appear in each subject.
Reports – create and view student reports specific to your institution. (If you have other reporting needs please contact your Account Manager on 01865 208 440 or at
[email protected])
Settings – move to a new academic year and map subjects from imported data.


Adding a member of staff

Click on the New Staff Member button on the grey bar at the top of the page. Add the staff member’s name, username, and email address. Set their admin level and select Invite now. The staff member will receive an email with the details and a randomly generated password.


Importing multiple members of staff

If you wish to import multiple members of staff simultaneously, you will first need to make a spreadsheet (template below, but don’t include the headers) with the staff members’ email addresses [in column A], names – as will be displayed to students [in column B], and role [in column C].

The available roles are ‘teacher’, ‘student_admin’ (permissions to edit and create classes and students), ‘staff_admin’ (permissions to edit students, classes and also add staff), and ‘institution_admin’ (permission to do all of the rest and also edit staff permissions and access the year groups and reporting tabs). Once this is arranged, you need to save the spreadsheet as a CSV file and import it using the Import Staff button.


Editing names and permissions

Click the Edit button next to the user. The magnifying glass at the bottom left hand side of the screen can be used to search for individuals.


Resetting staff passwords

Click on a member of staff to highlight them orange. Then click Reset Password on the grey bar at the top of the page. Staff who have had their password reset will receive an email providing their new password and details of who reset it for them. To reset passwords for multiple teachers, just click on multiple users to highlight them before pressing Reset Password. 

There is also a Select All/Select None option. Please note that this will only select the users on the page you are viewing. You may wish to reset passwords a page at a time or choose to show a higher number of users on one page using the display options located on the bottom left hand side of the page.