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How do I find resources?

All resources are in the Resources tab in Doddle. The curriculum tree in the middle of the page will allow you to browse resources based on key stage or topic.

You can also search for resources using the search bar in the Resources tab.

Enter a keyword, topic or even the name of a specific quiz and Doddle will search the title of every resource and its description for that word.

You can also filter by resource type in Doddle. Use the drop-down list below the search bar to select the resource type you want to see. For example, if you want to find a homework quiz, select All Quizzes or, if you want to find a teaching presentation, select Presentation.

How do I set specifications?

You can change your own and your students’ account preferences so that only resources for your specifications appear in the curriculum tree.

To do this, head to the Resources tab and click ‘Add/Remove exam board specifications‘ or ‘Manage specifications for my students‘ under the topic filter. Then follow the instructions on screen depending on whether you’re selecting specifications for you or for your students. You can change these specifications at any time by clicking on the spanner.

If you are looking for a particular resource, but can’t find it, try switching of your specifications as it may not have been mapped to the specification you are looking in. If you think something is mapped incorrectly pelase let us know at [email protected]


How do I assign homework?

The ‘Assign‘ button on the Home and Resources tabs will open a pop-up where you can assign work. You can also select Doddle resources by clicking the tickbox of those resources and then clicking assign.

Watch the video below for a walkthrough: