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Doddle Parent: Progress

Doddle Parent has been created for the people who care most about their children’s education — you!

Doddle Parent lets you see your child’s progress in different subjects. Subjects are broken down into individual skills, and your child’s teachers will give him or her a rating based on their understanding of each skill:

Green: My child is secure in this skill
Amber: My child is developing in this skill
Red: My child is a novice in this skill

As a parent or carer, you can log in on any internet-enabled device (including mobiles and tablets) to see all of these ratings in one place.


How can I use Doddle Parent to support my child?

  • See exactly how well your son or daughter is grasping skills, according to their teachers.
  • View their skills in the order they were rated, to get an idea of their progress.
  • Understand the specific areas in which they might need a helping hand — focus on their ‘red’ skills and help them ‘go green’!
  • Students can access helpful resources on Doddle by searching under the ‘Browse’ tab for the different topics they are studying.


How do I log in?

It’s easy! Your school will provide you with a 16-digit number — your parent ‘key’ — and you’ll need access to your email account to register your account.

To log in to Doddle Parent, visit and enter your login details.

If you already have a Doddle Parent login, click Switch to Progress in the top-right to change to the Homework view.