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Using the Markbook

Watch this quick video for a walkthrough of using the Markbook:

Seeing set assignments

The Overview section of the Markbook displays all the assignments that you have set in that subject. You can filter by active or overdue assignments, and by assignments set by you or your colleagues in the department. Press Download to export the data you are viewing.

Click on Details next to any assignment to see the details of the task set, which students have submitted the assignment, which resources they have viewed, and marks from any quizzes that they have taken in this assignment.

If you wish to edit an assignment, click Details. You can use this screen to submit or unsubmit a student’s assignment. You can delete assignments if students haven’t viewed any resources.


Reassigning work

Go to the Overview tab in the Markbook and find the homework you wish
to reassign. Select Details, then Reassign.


Changing an assignments due date

You can easily extend the due date for a piece of homework if necessary. On the Overview tab, locate the homework you wish to extend and select the Details button. Click Edit next to the due date and select the new expiration date from the calendar. The homework will now reappear on the students’ To Do list if they have not yet completed the homework!

If your students have not completed work that has passed the due date but not the expiry date, this will move from the Due this week to the Overdue section of their To Do list. Any work completed in this time period will appear as a red mark in the Markbook.


Monitoring assignments

Click on the Submitted tab and select a class to see how your students are getting on with submitting their homework. Click on an assignment title to view more details.


Viewing results

You can see student results in the Quizzes section of the Markbook.

Select a year and class whose results you would like to view. Once you have selected a class, you will see a list of all students who have completed quizzes and their marks on each quiz.

In the column next to each student’s name you will see an average score across the subject. You can also follow the line across to see their results and confidence scores for each quiz. Click on a student’s score to see a breakdown of their marks for each question. Click on a resource name to see this breakdown for the whole class.

Use the drop down menus at the top to switch between seeing First, Best and Last results if students have taken a quiz more than once.


Downloading results

To download the marks shown in the Markbook as a spreadsheet, click on the Download button in the top right corner of the Markbook.


If there is a ‘–’ next to a student’s name

If there is a ‘–’ for a quiz next to a student’s name, this means the student has started the quiz but hasn’t completed it. No percentage is displayed as this is only calculated when the quiz has been completed.

The date the student attempted the quiz is recorded in the Student Activity section of the Markbook, and when the student completes the quiz their mark will also be displayed here.


If there is text in red

If a mark displays in red text, this means that the student completed the activity after the due date (but before the expiry date). This doesn’t necessarily mean that the student did their homework late; it could mean that he or she re-took a quiz after the due date to improve their score. You can see if this is the case by filtering to see the student’s First result.


Smiley Faces

The smiley faces in the Markbook are colour coded to relate to the confidence score
students award themselves when they finish viewing a resource.

Green: ‘I understand this topic now’
Yellow: ‘I understand most of this topic now’
Orange: ‘I only understand bits of this topic’
Red: ‘I don’t understand this topic’


Seeing results from the previous academic year

At the end of each academic year your results will be tidied up. However, all of your results from last year are still available to download. If you want to review last year’s work, just go to the Quizzes section of the Markbook and click the Download results from the last academic year button on the right-hand side. This will bring up a menu from which you can choose the year and the class you want to download the results from. As soon as you select the class the results will download as a .csv file.

Please note that if you have been completing other tasks within the markbook, you will need to come out of any classes you have been viewing in order to see the Download results from the last academic year button.