Logging in

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How do I log in?

To log in to Doddle, go to: www.doddlelearn.co.uk/app/login search for your school name and select it from the drop down. Enter your username and password.

What is the difference between types of login?

Students can use Doddle to complete  homework or browse resources.

Teachers can use Doddle to assign homework, plan and teach lessons, check results in the online Markbook, and reset student passwords.

Teachers with administrative permissions can use the School Admin login to create classes, import student and staff lists, and reset teacher passwords.


I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

If you are a teacher, you can reset your own password by going to the Teacher login page and selecting Forgotten Password. Enter your school name and username (usually your school email address), and click Go. You will then be emailed a link to reset your password.


How do I change student passwords individually?

Whether you’re logged in as a Teacher or via the School login, just select the Students tab, find the student’s class and click the Change Password button next to their name.

Alternatively, you also have the option to manually reset their password or generate a randomly chosen password.
Please note: An automatic email will be sent to the student containing a randomly generated password, so this only works if you have email addresses set up in Doddle for your students. To set a random password or email the student there must be an email address in the email field.


How do I change student passwords for the whole class?

If you need to change the password for an entire class, simply select the Students tab.
Find the class in your subject whose passwords you want to change, and click the Change Passwords
button at the top of the screen. Once you have selected this it will give you the option to manually reset
the students’ passwords or generate a randomly chosen password.