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Doddle Parent: Homework

Doddle Parent has been created for the people who care most about their children’s education — you!

Doddle Parent lets you see the homework your child has been set in different subjects. You can see the homework that is due now, and any overdue homework. You can also see all the homework your child has submitted on Doddle throughout the year, and the marks they have achieved for the quizzes they have taken.

You’ll have the full picture of what your child needs to do at home, and you can access this on the go, as Doddle Parent is available on your mobile or tablet.


How can I use Doddle Parent to support my child?

  • See all the homeworks your child has, now and in the coming weeks, to help
    them manage their time and meet deadlines.
  • Look at the homework tasks and resources so you can talk with your child about what they have to do and any support they need.
  • Get a better understanding of how they are doing with homework by looking at submitted work and quiz scores.


How do I log in?

It’s easy! Your school will provide you with a 16-digit number — your parent ‘key’ — and you’ll need access to your email account to register your account.

To log in to Doddle Parent, visit www.doddlelearn.co.uk/app/parent/login and enter your login details.

If you already have a Doddle Parent login, click Switch to Homework in the top-right to change to the Homework view.