Downloading Progress Reports

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Many of the Progress reports generated by Doddle utilise macros within Microsoft Excel and are delivered as .zip files. To successfully run the reports, you will need to extract all files from the .zip file to a folder on your system.

We recommend that the folder you extract the files to is set as a Trusted Location within Microsoft Excel. This guide will explain how to extract the files and open them from a Trusted Location.


Trusted Locations

We recommend that you open the Doddle reports from a Trusted Location. This will enable the macros within it to run. Follow these instructions to create a Trusted Location on your PC.

First, designate a folder on your PC to be the Trusted Location for your reports. This can either be on your local PC or a shared network area. For example, you could create a subfolder within your Documents area named Doddle Reports.

Open Excel and navigate to Excel Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings.

Within the Trusted Locations tab select Add new locationIf the folder is located on a shared network area you will need to tick the Allow Trusted Locations on my network option.

Navigate to the folder you will open your Doddle reports from and select OK. In the Trusted Location dialog tick the box Subfolders of this location are also trusted.

The folder you have selected has now been designated as a Trusted Location, as have any subfolders. Reports opened from this folder should have macros enabled by default. You can now return to extracting a file.


Extracting files from the .zip

The report that has been generated on Doddle which you have downloaded contains several files. As well as the main report, there are files which contain the data extracted from the platform. All of these files should be extracted from the .zip to a single location for the report to function correctly.

Once you have downloaded the file containing the report, open your Downloads folder and locate the .zip file.

Right-click on the .zip file and select the Extract All… option. (If the Extract All… option is not available, please use your installed zip software to extract all files from the .zip to a folder on your system, and then navigate to that folder to open the extracted file.)

A window will open asking you to select a folder to extract the files to; we recommend that you use a folder which has been configured as a Trusted Location within Microsoft Excel.

Once the files have been extracted, Windows will open the folder which contains the report files. From here, open the file which starts Main_Report. If you have not already done so, please set this location as a Trusted Location before opening the report.