Student motivation and homework provision

Kevin Watling, Assistant Head at Teddington School, Richmond-upon-Thames, gave a talk on ‘Student motivation and homework provision’ at our Bett stand.

Kevin has kindly written this up into a case study for us to share with you all.

When it comes to homework provision, at Teddington, what we’re always looking for are ways of introducing styles and techniques of homework that engage and motivate students. What Doddle allows us to do is give our students the kind of variety and challenge they’re looking for; presenting tried and tested ideas in a different way.

Student response to this kind of homework setting speaks for itself. Looking at the data we’ve amassed since we started using Doddle in September, the rate of students doing their homework is now higher than when we’re setting traditional tasks. And what students are telling me directly is they enjoy the quizzes, they enjoy knowing their results instantly and competing against themselves to achieve the best possible result.

But it’s not just increased student engagement; an interesting, but unexpected development since we started using Doddle, has been the rise in parental involvement with homework. The feedback from parents has been that by doing homework on Doddle, it stimulates a dialogue between parent and child, which wouldn’t naturally happen if a student was doing a more traditional, internalised homework; homework has become much more of a family experience.

From a teacher perspective, Doddle has really given us the tools to implement several new approaches to teaching and homework. As a diagnostic tool, the instantaneous feedback we receive has been crucial and has helped us as teachers to gain an instant insight into how students are performing with particular topics, and to adapt our teaching accordingly.

Finally, Doddle has saved us a fantastic amount of preparation time. What this means is that we now have both the diagnostic information and the time to implement innovative learner-focused strategies such as ‘flipping the classroom’. Flipping the classroom is about maximising the use of time in the classroom to work with individual students on specific learning objectives and, as I said at Bett, I really believe that Doddle has its place in this pedagogical revolution.

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