St John's School, Cyprus

Sarah Dixon is the Head of Geography at St John’s School in Cyprus. The Geography department use Doddle to support their homework policy, regularly assigning resources and tracking homework submissions.


What impact has Doddle had at St John's?

For Sarah, Doddle has provided the Geography department at St John’s with a way to test students’ knowledge and understanding. The ability for students to re-take quizzes encourages self-reflection and improvement, while teachers receive a question-by-question breakdown of every students’ quiz attempts.

What do students and teachers at St John's like about Doddle?

For teachers at St John’s, the ability to analyse performance and monitor quiz attempts by individual students on Doddle is invaluable. Sarah highlights the usefulness of Doddle resources when it comes to testing. The availability of so many different resources, which can be assigned to students or found in the browse area of their own accounts, permits students to review material before completing their assignments.

Doddle also allows teachers to download a spreadsheet of all student results, useful for both reporting and feedback. In particular, Sarah points to the ability of teachers to look at the different times and dates of each student’s attempts. In this way, teachers can keep track of individual students and ensure homework is being handed in on time.