The revision activities, grammar and different types of assessment have virtually everything the students need for excellent exam preparation. I can now emphasise on speaking and writing skills during lessons where they have teacher guidance, knowing that the reading and listening is taken care of.

Mr Vargas, Spanish Teacher at Hillcrest International Schools, Kenya

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Make sure your students have secured the skills and confidence they need to read, translate and speak Spanish spontaneously, while cutting down on the time you spend setting and marking homework.
With Doddle, you can assign ready-made, formative, low-stakes quizzes for all students from ages 11-16, keeping them engaged with quality interactive resources.

Teaching resources

Reclaim the time to prepare and deliver quality lessons with a bank of reliable teaching materials and space to collaborate across your department.

Access quality ready-made teaching resources packed with audio from native speakers and curriculum specific content.

Self-marking homework

See results instantly, with insight into students’ knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

With Doddle you can assign a range of interactive resources that get students practising their reading, listening and translation skills.

Exam preparation

Walk students through what is expected of them in their Spanish exams with our translation tutorials.

Easily assign targeted intervention to address specific weaknesses for each student.

Insightful assessment

Track homework submissions and access a question-level analysis of your students’ quiz results.

With Doddle Spanish you can reduce your marking workload and assign targeted intervention for all students.

What's in Doddle Spanish?

Ages 11-14
  • Introductions
  • Family
  • At school
  • At home
  • In town
  • Free time
  • Visiting a friend
  • Food
  • Health
  • Clothes
  • Tourism
  • Media and the past tense
  • Home life
  • Media and communication
  • World of work
  • The environment
  • The Spanish-speaking world
  • Media and opinions
Ages 15-16
  • Food
  • Education
  • Family and home
  • Home town
  • Travel
  • Free time
  • Holidays
  • Health
  • The Spanish-speaking world
  • World of work
  • Communication and technology
  • Grammar
  • Study skills
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Translation
  • Teaching presentations
  • Homework quizzes on topics, grammar, vocab, language skills
  • Interactive revision activities
  • Printable worksheets

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