Five ways to teach SPaG effectively with Doddle

Increasing focus is being placed on SPaG (or GPS) in the English curriculum, and as an element of writing that is applicable across all subjects, it is essential to get it right from the very beginning.

To help you get started, we have brought together 5 ways Doddle can help you to teach SPaG efficiently and effectively.

Easy baselining from the beginning

Every new student will come into your classroom with their own strengths and weaknesses; knowing their capabilities before you begin teaching and setting work can make all the difference to how students respond.

By using Doddle’s self-marking SPaG quizzes you will instantly receive a breakdown of each student’s results, letting you know exactly where your classes’ weaknesses lie.

Engaging teachingspag-image-1

Doddle resources break topics down into bitesize, manageable parts, with clear objectives. To help students understand the theory, we have designed presentations which provide relevant examples and illustrations at every opportunity.  Our presentations also encourage students to give their own examples and to work together on interactive activities.

Consolidate and recap learning

With Doddle you can give students a chance to practise what they have learned and test their proficiency straight away. Our Doddle SPaG tests contain recap slides which appear when an answer is incorrect and provide instant, formative feedback to your students.

The results of these tests are delivered immediately to your online markbook, and provide you with a full breakdown of the results for each question.

A truly personalised approach spag-image-4

You can tailor your teaching and revision in direct response to what you learn from these tests, as each SPaG test has an ‘introduction’ and ‘advanced’ quiz.

The level of detail in these results means you can identify and address very specific problem areas before moving on, without having to re-cap the whole lesson. You can also use these results to easily assign formative homework and revision materials online, to provide extra support to individual students.



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