How effective is sharing good practice in your school?

A teacher in your school has a lesson idea that they present in a CPD session.

It’s a nice concept, and they might present it very well. But is it likely to transfer to your own teaching? 

Perhaps it’s too specific to your colleague’s teaching style; perhaps you don’t see the benefit well enough to use it yourself; or perhaps the CPD setting is too far removed from the classroom – you file the idea away for later, and never come back to it.

Whatever the reason, presenting good practice sometimes offers the most benefit to the presenter – and not to the teachers who are listening. You know better than anyone what ideas would fit into your teaching; and you want to be able to access them at the moment that you need them, when planning your own lessons.

With Doddle, you can do exactly that. Doddle gives every teacher in your school shared access to thousands of ready-made teaching and homework resources, with unlimited numbers of logins for teachers and students. The Departmental Shared area allows teachers to organise these resources together with lesson plans, schemes of work and their own uploaded files.

That organisation lets you see their lessons in context, and makes it much easier to use their ideas in your own teaching. The shared area encourages your department to work collaboratively and develop consistent teaching and homework provision. And with everything online and accessible 24/7, Doddle lets you look for inspiration when it's convenient for you.

Departmental sharing in Doddle lets teachers embed good practice where it counts: helping them to find the time to share ideas effectively, and encouraging ongoing improvements to teaching and lesson planning.

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