We love the new content and that it matches perfectly to the curriculum. The pupils are engaged with Doddle and make good use of the presentations, interactive quizzes and worksheets.

Samina Jardaneh, Head of Senior Science, Brighton College, Abu Dhabi

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With Doddle Science, you no longer need to spend valuable time creating resources from scratch or marking repetitive tests.
You can access over 2,000 engaging online teaching and assessment resources for ages 11-16, with resources applicable for all curricula, including the iGCSE.

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Teaching resources

Resources on Doddle Science are continually updated to support your teaching of the latest content, particularly for the more challenging topics.

With a focus on skills as well as knowledge, Doddle resources are designed to help develop the key scientific skills students require for the exams.

Self-marking homework

Over 600 self-marking quizzes give students ample coverage of various topics across Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with a range of different question types to increase engagement.

Formative feedback after each question helps to embed knowledge and support improvement.

Exam preparation

Both online and through the app your students can access Doddle resources for effective independent learning and exam preparation.

Our interactive resources break down complex concepts step-by-step and let students revise at their own pace.

Insightful assessment

Track homework submissions and access a question-level analysis of your students’ quiz results.

With Doddle Science you can reduce your marking workload and assign targeted intervention for all students.

What's in Doddle Science?

  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics for ages 11-16
  • Working Scientifically for ages 11-16
  • Maths skills for ages 15-16
  • Content for the Cambridge iGCSE and the Edexcel iGCSE
  • GCSE content for all major exam boards
  • Teaching presentations
  • Homework quizzes
  • Interactive revision activities
  • Animations, simulations and virtual experiments
  • Printable worksheets

The reduction in planning and preparation time, coupled with the increased attention to students is a powerful combination for our teachers.

David Williams, Biology Coordinator, British School of Kuwait

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