No learning lost

How to ensure knowledge retention in and out of the classroom.

With students spending so much time out of the classroom, teachers are looking for ways to ensure what has already been learnt doesn’t disappear between now and their exams.

It is for this reason that many teachers have started adopting retrieval practice (sometimes known as the testing effect): using the science behind the way our brains store information to ensure their students can retain and recall much more, for much longer.

Read this guide if you want to:

  • Find out why your students forget so much of what they are taught
  • Develop strategies to ensure that learning is stored in students’ long-term memory
  • Improve your students’ knowledge retention and ability to learn

Read time: 10 minutes


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Use our free retrieval practice resources with your students:

And watch our free webinar on how you can improve your students’ knowledge retention by making retrieval practice a part of your strategy.

This webinar covers:

  • Why your students forget so much of what they are taught
  • Which are the most effective strategies to ensure that learning is stored in students’ long-term memory
  • Ways to implement retrieval practice more easily and effectively through Doddle