Retrieval Practice. What is it? Why is it important? How can we implement it?

This webinar covers:
  • Why your students forget so much of what they are taught
  • Which are the most effective strategies to ensure that learning is stored in students' long-term memory
  • Ways to implement retrieval more easily and effectively through Doddle

It is presented by Education Adviser, Bonnie Burridge, a qualified teacher who spent several years teaching maths at a school in West London before joining the Doddle team.

Retrieval Practice Resources

To help you understand and implement retrieval practice, we have created a free guide on making knowledge stick, which introduces the research behind the practice and the most effective methods for using it to enhance teaching in your department.

We have also produced an interactive revision activity and accompanying quiz which you can use to teach your students how their memory works and how quizzing will improve their learning.

Make Retrieval Practice easy with Doddle

See how you can implement Retrieval Practice easily and effectively in your department.

We will start your free trial with a quick online tour of the interactive, low-stakes testing resources Doddle has designed to help your students retain knowledge long term. First, sign up for a digital demo by filling in the form below.

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