Retrieval and retention at Benton Park School

By Jonathan Maude, Director of Science at Benton Park School

Why did you decide to start using Doddle Science?

In 2016 my previous school brought in Doddle to support classroom learning. Within a year it had developed into the whole school platform for setting homework and extension work in line with the Key Stage 3 and 4 specifications.

The impact this had on student attainment was evidenced in improved results in not only KS3 internal assessments but also with the GCSE students.

In starting my new role as Director of Science at Benton Park School, I felt it was important to introduce something that could clearly have a positive impact for the students. At Benton Park, Doddle is our main platform for homework setting. We use the pre-made quizzes as low-stakes testing to help improve knowledge retrieval and retention. We have expanded our resource bank to also include Key Stage 5 – this has allowed us to help improve the teaching resource material for Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses in both years 12 and 13.

Doddle has reduced teacher marking workload, reduced lost time in lessons (collecting in work etc.), and increased the frequency that homework is set, as well as the completion percentage by the pupils.

What do you like most about the Doddle Science resources?

Both the standard and practical quizzes are excellent for our requirements. Setting homework on Doddle takes a matter of seconds, it provides clear deadlines, and offers instant feedback to the students.

The majority of Doddle resources are tailored to specific exam boards. At Benton Park students follow the AQA exam board for GCSE, however having access to the other examination board material can be extremely useful as it allows pupils to see questions written in a different style or examples they may not have encountered before.

If pupils have missed lessons, Doddle helps support their learning. The pre-built Doddle lessons provide them with a presentation resource, while accompanying worksheets and quizzes help check their understanding.

As a Head of Department, quality assurance of homework is now instantly accessible to me. Every fortnight I will run a report which shows me how many homework assignments the members of my department have set, the completion percentage of the pupils within those groups and the average score. Without Doddle that process would take hours of searching through pupils’ exercise books – with Doddle it takes minutes.

Would you recommend Doddle Science?

I believe that Doddle has a positive impact on pupils, teaching staff, and myself as a Head of Department. Providing students with an instantly accessible resource that is available anywhere can only be a positive.

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