Doddle Resellers

At Doddle, we have a number of trusted resellers who work with particular regions across the world to help international schools integrate Doddle into their classrooms. Below is a list of all our current resellers and their contact details.

School Store NG, Nigeria

We provide high quality interactive content for classrooms and home use. Schoolstoreng will also help you with a technology audit to determine the effectiveness of technology in the classroom and suggest interventions where necessary.


Click here to contact Schoolstoreng directly.

Psychological Assessments, Australia


Click here to contact PAA directly.

Oyster Advisory, India

Oyster education consultancy is a proficient firm which gives boundless training opportunities to schools across the globe. Its mission is to extend the global educational experience to the vast number of schools offshore and onshore seeking to develop internationalism in schools. At Oyster, their primary mission is to provide teachers and schools with comprehensive guidelines for teaching and learning whilst ensuring high standards in the quality of service that they offer through their training and guidance.


Click here to contact Oyster Advisory directly or call +91-9819242772

LJ Education, Kenya

Founded on the belief that education is the key to development in Africa, LJ Education works with international schools of all levels in providing resources necessary for teaching an array of curricula.

LJ Education is committed to providing the necessary services to enable current needs and development. We empower the education sector across Africa through our years of experience, specifically educational publishing and the supply chain of resources from the UK to international schools.

Click here to contact Louise at LJ Education.

Photo credit: “Closeup of a globe in classroom” © RHIMAGE