Get rewarded for recommending Doddle

If you like using Doddle then you can get rewards for sharing its benefits with your colleagues.

How does it work?

Email a colleague

Tell another Head of Department what you like about Doddle and how they might benefit from using it. Make sure to copy in your Doddle Account Manager.

Your Account Manager will be in touch

They will supply your contact with details of the resources available in their subject and can offer an online demo and free trial if desired.

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Everyone wins

For every new department that comes on board as a result, you will get rewarded. Your contact will enjoy an introductory 10% off too!


Who should I refer?

Roles: Department heads, curriculum leaders and members of the school leadership team for KS3 and KS4. Anyone with responsibility for buying resources for their subject and school.

Subjects: Science, Maths, English, ICT & Computing, French, German, Spanish, Geography, History, RS, Citizenship, PSHEE, D&T, Art & Design, Music, Drama, Business Studies and PE.

You can recommend us to a contact within your school, or at another school entirely.

What should I say?

Whether you have organised homework, engaged students, improved parent communication or saved marking time with Doddle, the best referral will explain the benefits you have seen by using it.

This template might help:

I know we discussed  [include a shared issue]  and if you’re still looking for a solution, I’d recommend Doddle, it has been great for us!

It has helped us  [add in some of the results you've seen after using Doddle]  with  [mention some of the features or resources in Doddle that have made these results possible].

I’ve copied in my Account Manager at Doddle in case you would like to see if it could work for you too.

If you make a recommendation in person, in the staff room or at an event, you can just follow up with a simple email to connect your Account Manager and your contact, we will take it from there.

What will my Account Manager do next?

We won’t pester your colleagues.

Your Account Manager will follow up on your introduction with an email to provide your contact with a few product details and a chance to discover Doddle for themselves with an online demo or a free trial.

If they decide to come on board, your Account Manager will be in touch to let you know the good news.

What are the rewards for recommending?

If your department pays for Doddle individually (rather than as part of a whole school subscription) then you will get 10% off your next year of Doddle each time another new department gets Doddle on your recommendation. The more of your contacts who come on board, the higher the discount.

If your whole school already has Doddle you can still recommend us to colleagues in another school. We will send you a £25 Amazon voucher each time another new department gets Doddle on your recommendation.

If you have any questions please contact us at hello@doddlelearn.co.uk or call 01865 208440.