Quizzing and revising at St Paul’s Academy

By Mr Barbon, Spanish Teacher at St Paul’s Academy

Doddle’s Spanish resources have been integral in supporting the learning of our students at St Paul’s.

Embedding Doddle into our Spanish department has given me the chance to monitor students’ homework, as well as their learning outside the classroom. I can continually check their progress and engagement during the term. It is also useful when revising and preparing for exams.

I highly recommend Doddle’s Spanish quizzes, especially for the KS3 groups. The quizzes and revision resources are great for revising topics covered in the classroom and for flipped learning, ensuring students are ready for the next lesson.

For other groups in KS4 I have been using the translation, listening and reading exercises because they need more focus on these skills.

All these resources complement, reinforce and support our students’ learning so I frequently set work using Doddle resources. The Doddle Markbook then provides a powerful tool to monitor their results and progress.

As well as using the many resources available in Doddle Spanish, I also use Doddle to upload my own documents. I am then able to link my documents to Doddle resources so that students can access specific classroom resources I have created, as and when they need them.

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