Working with Doddle and the Progress Test Series®

Doddle provides over 21,000 high quality teaching and learning resources, including presentations, animations, revision activities and self-marking quizzes that reduce the workload in planning lessons and marking. Through Doddle, teachers can quickly assign differentiated work for students to address any gaps in learning or for those who are ready to be stretched.

The mapping document for each level of the Progress Test Series links each question to the available resources on Doddle, helping teachers to quickly identify the most appropriate tools to support their students. Engaging resources will help to consolidate learning and self-marking homework shows what work students have completed, what they scored and how they rate their confidence on the subject.

Put it into action

Step 1: Generate reports for the most recent Progress Test in Maths

Step 2: Use the Question Level Analysis to identify which questions the class, group (Group Report for Teachers) or student (Individual Student Report for Teachers) have answered incorrectly.

Step 3: Use the Mapping Document to quickly find the Doddle mathematics activities that cover the areas identified in the Question Level Analysis.

Step 4: Choose and assign the activities to your students and use the self-marking quizzes to check that learning has taken place.

Step 5: Once the areas for development have been addressed, assign Doddle activities for the rest of the year.

Step 6: Towards the end of the year, assess all students with the Progress Test in Maths and repeat the cycle.

Download the Mapping Documents

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