Doddle allows me to maximise teaching time which is difficult when you only see each class once a week. Students really understand that every lesson counts now – it’s not a case of waiting for the assessment lesson to come along and then they focus, they’re focussed every lesson on making progress.

Alex Hodges, Music Teacher at Pool Hayes Academy

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The comprehensive learning checklists within Doddle Progress cover skills across the curriculum, including elements specific to all major exam boards and specifications.
Doddle Progress provides a flexible framework that supports teachers in planning, tracking and intervention in the most efficient way possible.


Our straightforward assessment system makes data gathering easy.

Self-marking progress tests automatically report progress data, and teacher judgement for a whole class can be recorded with one click.

Assessment with Doddle
Comprehensive resources from Doddle


All assessed skills correspond directly to our wealth of teaching materials.

Teachers can assign revision resources which address the specific gaps in students' knowledge and quickly re-test to ensure skills have been secured.


Reporting with Doddle is simple and flexible, with multiple options for the details and scope of each report.

Class and cohort progress is automatically calculated and can be easily analysed, understood and communicated with students, parents and SLT.

Reporting is clear with Doddle

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