Students can see their RAG ratings and they know what they’ve got to do to move on; they are keen to go from red to amber to green and want to see the change. They are really confident talking about Doddle and what it’s there for and are able to say what they need to do to improve.

Elgan Prosser, Deputy Head at Tunmarsh School and New Directions of the Newham Pupil Referral Units

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Doddle Progress gives each student a clear path through the curriculum, and straightforward, actionable steps for furthering their learning independently.

Clear communication

Students' current attainment is clearly displayed to them through RAG ratings, which highlight their successes and the skills they have yet to master.

Teachers can assign differentiated content to help tackle areas which need improvement.

Students can view their strengths and weaknesses
Students can work independently using all of Doddle's resources

Independent learning

Through self-marking quizzes and teacher feedback, students are given a clear picture of their progress, and can take steps to improve their results.

Students can access a wealth of reliable, curriculum-mapped materials on Doddle to support revision and help fill the gaps in their knowledge.

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