Students know exactly what they need to do to improve and can articulate it well.
I’m sure an Ofsted inspector couldn’t fail to be impressed if they asked one of our students what they need to do to improve in Maths – they would know exactly what they need to do, and also what they have been doing about it.

Tom Martin, Assistant Head and Head of Maths at Bourne Academy

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We have helped schools across the country adapt to Life after Levels with our comprehensive, whole school reporting and assessment system.
Doddle has been designed to help schools track progress in an adaptable, efficient and secure way by building upon these three key principles:

Breaking down the curriculum

In each subject, we’ve broken down the curriculum into individual skills that students need to master.

All our skills are mapped to the latest specifications across all major exam boards, and can be amended to align with any scheme of work.

Doddle skills selection
Doddle assessment tracking

Building assessment data

Skills are graded on a 1-9 scale, with additional transition skills from the primary curriculum.

Our system provides a common assessment framework across all subjects. No matter how different departments assess, our straightforward traffic-light system is flexible to any topic, in any subject.

Powerful reporting

Because it is built on a common framework, Doddle allows consistent departmental and cross-school reporting to take place.

This means that school leaders can generate the whole school reporting and measures of progress they are interested in, from key cohorts such as Pupil Premium to specific classes and individual students.

Reporting with Doddle

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