Doddle has transformed how we assess and report to parents at Weston Favell Academy, by communicating our student's attainment and progress through the easy-to-use Doddle Parent features.

Peter Williams, Director of Creative Curriculum at Weston Favell Academy

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Doddle provides students with access to thousands of engaging, formative resources and guides students through the curriculum.
With Doddle Progress, teachers can easily communicate meaningful assessment information to parents and carers.

Doddle Parent

Doddle Progress automatically tracks student attainment in key curriculum skills. Parents can see student attainment and progress through our easy-to-use Doddle Parent feature.

Skills within Doddle are rated as red, amber or green. These ratings give a clear indication of how much progress a child has made and highlight the weaker areas to be targeted with revision.

Doddle Parent can be used on any device

Our parents love Doddle Parent and the invaluable insight it gives them into their child's strengths and weaknesses.

Owen Mitchell, Assistant Principal at Folkestone Academy

Doddle Parent can be used on any device

Progress at home

Each student has a personal Doddle account where they can access their homework to-do lists and families can view the work their child has been assigned.

These accounts enable parents to view their child's results and encourage them to better their scores by using Doddle's revision resources.

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