Doddle provides multi-academy trusts with a consistent assessment framework.

Our system gives you the confidence to know that every teacher in every academy is assessing within a common framework, while allowing the flexibility for great practice to be developed and shared.

Our Multi-Academy Trust dashboard allows you to drill right down into the detail of the assessment happening across your institutions. With this you can:

  • Identify strong departments and share outstanding practice across the trust
  • Compare progress across academies and put in place targeted interventions to raise attainment
  • Ensure students are securing the skills they need for success at GCSE
  • Provide teachers with the information they need to ensure a seamless transition for students across phases and between academies

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To find out how we work with multi-academy trusts, and to see the benefits of using Doddle across your trust, book a free visit with one of our Education Consultants.

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