Park House English School, Qatar

Rachael Robson is the KS4 coordinator in Science at Park House English School. Doddle plays an important role in helping teachers save time, and providing students with valuable feedback.

Doddle for teachers

We started using Doddle in September 2016. The resources are easy to find, and the lesson planner is great to organise and save lessons. Doddle is very straightforward to use, and you can upload your own resources to homework activities and lessons.

Doddle for students

Pupils enjoy reviewing presentations and completing the engaging quizzes for homework. They particularly appreciate receiving the feedback Doddle generates when an answer is given incorrectly. Many pupils are keen to repeat quizzes to increase their attainment.

As a teacher, Doddle’s assessment tools are a great way of receiving immediate feedback on each pupil’s understanding of a topic. In addition to this, it saves teachers a lot of time as all the work is marked for you.

Doddle Science

The resources available for A-level Science are excellent and save a lot of planning time. My pupils are able to understand challenging concepts as a result of the helpful animations and detailed notes.

Doddle is constantly being updated which is useful as the resources are kept in line with the current specification changes. Although some topics are not available, such as immunity and forensics in A-Level Biology, I understand that new material is always being added


The Doddle team are very helpful when setting up class lists at the start of the year. I appreciated the numerous avenues available to help you understand how to use the resources effectively. For schools without an automated MIS system, the administration facility allows easy-to-edit class lists throughout the year.