Parents' evening: achieving clear and meaningful communication

As we approach the end of the first term, and parents' evening looms, many teachers will be frantically collecting assessments and feedback in the hope that they can tackle any question fired at them. But how can we be sure that what we are communicating is clear, specific and meaningful?

Keeping track: showing what a student can do

To help you demonstrate meaningful results, the Doddle markbook collects all student quiz scores in one place and clearly displays their first, last and best score. In a couple of clicks this data can be easily downloaded to provide a clear report for parents, and produce a platform upon which to discuss their child’s learning in greater detail.

The markbook also records student confidence ratings from every quiz enabling you to personalise your approach when discussing each student’s progress.

What is holding them back?

Not only can you highlight a student’s strengths, you can also quickly identify what is holding them back from their target. Clicking on a particular quiz reveals a detailed, downloadable breakdown of their answers so you can pinpoint particular skills that need further work.

This is the ideal way to communicate to parents where their child is in their understanding, and areas to focus on to help them progress further. With thousands of resources that can be assigned to individual students, Doddle contains everything you need for effective, targeted intervention.

What more can they be doing to move forward and how can I help?

Parents and teachers both have the same goal: to help students reach their full potential - and parents' evening provides the perfect opportunity for a dialogue about how this can be achieved. It is not just about this one meeting, but about forming a strategy for ongoing progress.

To help parents engage with their child’s learning, Doddle provides a helpful Parents’ Info Sheet which guides them through logging in, checking their child’s To Do list and viewing quiz results. It also shows them how their child can get the most out of Doddle through the Browse tab, by searching resources by keywords to find the topic or skill they need to work on.

Doddle helps parents become part of the process, helping them to understand their child’s targets, highlighting where further support is needed, and providing them with reliable resources to meet those needs.


See what Doddle can do for your school

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