Parents at Chesterfield High review the Doddle app!

This month, we're launching an app for students and their parents! To find out how Doddle will improve communication with parents, our Product Owner, Paul Mallaband, went to Chesterfield High School in Liverpool. There he met with a group of parents to show them the Doddle app and find out their thoughts.

I went to Chesterfield for a parent consultation evening, where I had the chance to talk to parents about Doddle. It was a truly invaluable experience to speak with them, as this was the first time the parents had seen the platform.

I began by asking them questions about how they engage with their child when it comes to homework, and most of them said it was through their homework planners.

This meant that parents would jot down their signature in the homework planner on a Sunday evening when their child asked them to, rather than actively engaging with their homework. This wasn't due to a lack of commitment on the parents' part; they wanted to be more engaged, they just didn't know how.

What students tend to write down in their diaries is 'Maths homework, due Tuesday' and, if they're lucky, they'll remember that they have a worksheet somewhere in the bottom of their bag that their teacher set them. One parent told me how their child will often spend Wednesday evenings texting their friends, each of them trying to figure out what the homework due tomorrow actually was. What Doddle does, is it takes away those barriers.

The parents I spoke to were really excited at the idea that they would be able to access a platform where they could see all the information they needed. Not only that, but they're able to see all the resources their children have been set too. It's no longer just about when the homework is due, but also what their children are learning in school, which facilitates conversation at home.

With the new Doddle app, parents will receive a daily notification letting them know what homework their child has been set and which pieces are due tomorrow. This regular reminder helps parents to get involved much more easily.

Quotes are from parents at Chesterfield High School.

Formerly a science teacher in the North West, I now work as Doddle Product Owner. I collaborate with schools to develop our innovative teaching and learning solutions, which make learning fun whilst improving knowledge retention and tackling teacher workload. I also work as an Education Adviser, helping schools address their unique challenges and priorities, enabling me to interact with a vast network of professionals passionate about education.

– Paul Mallaband