How objective is your marking?

Do you find yourself giving George a higher grade than his homework really deserves, because you know he needs the encouragement? Does Emma end up with a higher grade than other pupils might, just because you know she’s capable of doing better?

Last term, an RSA report on confirmation bias and mindsets in marking caught our eye. The report explores how many of us are overly influenced by our first impressions of a student’s performance, and how we often look for evidence that supports our own view of their progress, rather than using conflicting evidence to reassess.

It’s an effect we see in all kinds of human behaviour, and it’s no less true of teachers. It’s why we sometimes find ourselves grading two very similar pieces of work in very different ways – because we can’t separate all our wider context about individual students from the piece of work we have in front of us.

But is that even a bad thing? Ultimately, effective marking and feedback comes from a combination of good data and good interpretation. Humans are better at drawing out analysis of student performance, and machines are better at producing clear, reliable data.

That’s why the Doddle online markbook does the mechanical work for you. When your students complete homework and revision resources, you have detailed, unadorned reporting instantly available to you – so all of the admin work is done.

That comprehensive data, and the time that you save putting it together, lets you dedicate your time to high-value marking and effective student feedback. You can drill down to individual questions to see which topics are tripping your students up, and it’s easy to compare results over time and by student group (like your Pupil Premium students, for example.)

And with confidence scores after every revision task, your students can let you know how comfortable they feel on each topic – so that you’re having ongoing, up-to-date conversations about their progress.

With that level of detailed reporting ready whenever you need it, you can spend your time being a teacher rather than a machine: providing the analysis and feedback to help George, Emma and every one of your students to progress.

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