Nexus International School

Sean McGeough is a science teacher at the Nexus International School in Singapore and has been using Doddle Science to help deliver high-quality teaching to his students.

Singapore is globally recognised for its quality, high-achieving British international schools and Sean has been talking to us about how Doddle has supported his teaching. 

When Sean started using Doddle, he was instantly impressed with how ‘user-friendly and easy to implement’ Doddle is. The easy to navigate interface enabled him to consistently use it across lessons without the need for hours of training for staff or students.

Doddle’s variety of engaging resources has also had an impact on students’ understanding and ‘the interactive animations, in particular, are invaluable for enabling learners to understand difficult concepts and ideas.’

With the ability to assign different resources to individual students, Sean has been able to use Doddle resources to tailor teaching to specific students. He has found that ‘ESL learners benefit from being able to process information at their own pace and, with the use of revision activities, have new words read aloud to aid understanding.’

And it is not just the students who benefit; Doddle can also help teachers target skills where further support is necessary and structure their lesson plans accordingly. Sean comments that ‘the use of self-assessment throughout the activities gives teachers' significant information to aid planning, particularly during revision time. In addition, the support given from the admin/technical team when problems do arise is always fast and reliable.’