New feature #4: Making the Markbook easier and more powerful




We’ve listened to customer feedback and made a number of improvements to the Markbook Overview, making it easier for you to use!


Changes to the Markbook Overview mean you can much more easily filter and sort homeworks set by you and your colleagues.

This screen defaults to active homeworks only, allowing you to immediately see what homework is due. Head to the ‘Show’ drop-down menu to choose active homeworks, past homeworks, or both.

The Markbook Overview
The Markbook Overview

You can see colleagues’ assignments by selecting from the ‘Assigned by’ menu, and you can filter by class using the ‘Assigned to’ drop-down menu.

You can sort by assignment name or by due date. And, for the first time, these filters stay in place when you navigate away from the page.

The Overview also tells you how many students in the class have submitted their work.

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