New feature #3: Sharing best practice




Making your department’s homework-setting more efficient and effective is at the heart of our third new feature!


For the first time on Doddle you can now see all the assignments set by your colleagues in your department! This enables you to share and re-use homeworks in order to save time and effort.

Earlier this week, we covered the Markbook in #feature 2. Head to the Markbook Overview tab on Doddle and you’ll find an ‘Assigned by’ option which lets you see other teachers' assignments set this year.

Reassign homework

To quickly reassign homeworks that colleagues have already created click on the 'Details' button on the right and then choose the ‘Reassign’ option. You can keep the homework exactly as it is, or edit and add to it.

We hope you enjoy using this new feature. Why not log in today and try it out?