New feature #2: The new and improved markbook




Here’s the second new feature we wanted to highlight to you! All our changes on Doddle are aimed at making homework even more effective in your classroom, department and school.


Hopefully you’ve already set your students tasks using our improved Assign button as covered in feature #1.

To make it easy to keep track of your classes’ homework we’ve added a new ‘Submitted’ tab in the Markbook. This view contains all the homeworks you’ve set and you can quickly see which students have handed them in, who has yet to submit their work, and which students have handed it in late (displayed in red).

The markbook submitted tab

You can use the filters at the top of the page to 'Show' all homework tasks, not just the active ones, and view your colleagues’ assignments using the ‘Assigned by’ drop-down menu.

If you wish to change the submission status of a homework for your students, simply click on the homework name to go to the Details page. You can Submit homework tasks for them here if the homework is overdue, or Unsubmit a homework, sending it back to their To-Do list.

Unsubmit and submit homeworks

Why not log in and try it out now? To find out more, watch our short video which demonstrates all the new features in the Markbook!