New feature #1: You can now assign tasks to students




Hopefully you’ve spotted a number of improvements we’ve made to homework on Doddle, over the Easter break. These are all aimed at making homework even more effective in your classroom, department and school.


Setting homework just got even easier with Doddle!

For the first time, you don’t need to assign resources as homework. Instead, you can set students a task, making Doddle a lot more flexible and a platform for each and every homework you wish to set.

Assigning work

A task can be anything you want your students to complete outside of Doddle, such as reading pages of a textbook, writing an extended answer in their books, or watching a video. Hyperlinks you set students will now be live.

Just click the Assign button to set a task. You can set a task alone, combine it with Doddle resources, or add resources you’ve uploaded yourself.

You can watch a video on how to assign tasks now!

Why not log in and try it out? If you or your colleagues would like a walkthrough of this feature, please get in touch by emailing