Mesaieed International School, Qatar

Scott Preston is the Principal of Mesaieed International School, in Qatar. He introduced Doddle to the school to reduce teacher workload and set more meaningful homework tasks. He has since found Doddle a useful aid for flipped learning.

Why Doddle?

When I arrived at MIS, a lot of teachers were spending a great deal of time on setting homework, which in turn led to a great deal of inconsistency. Having used Doddle in England, I knew how effective Doddle could be at both reducing teacher workload and improving the quality of work being completed at home.

After a short period of consideration and review, staff were keen for me to buy into the package, and we have been pleased with its impact so far. Staff now are able to set meaningful homework, with minimum time investment. They use the question-by-question analysis from quizzes to tailor their teaching, and we are now beginning to 'flip the learning'. 

Favourite functionality

Doddle has many great features, but perhaps the most important aspect for me is the vast curriculum coverage, from a brand that is well respected in education. The content is then supplemented by self-marking quizzes, which enable staff to easily see how well students have done, and adapt their teaching schemes accordingly. Doddle supports us with flipped learning, and our move to a new formative assessment model, particularly in KS3. The assessments are accurate and standardised, meaning we can always rely on the information produced. The students also get immediate feedback, which improves their engagement overall.

Whole-school impact

Most of our staff now use Doddle to set homework for their students. I have had many comments from colleagues who appreciate the time-saving tool. Equally, we have had many positive comments from parents and students, who like the clarity that Doddle offers.