Doddle gives the students a holistic approach to the curriculum and their own understanding... The many resources are engaging and encourages independent learning at home or in school.

Philip Berry, Head of Science, The Sheikh Zayed School for Boys

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Doddle Maths contains thousands of brilliant resources for your in-class teaching, all of which are mapped to the iGCSE.
Doddle resources are all designed to support teachers in fostering students’ understanding of key mathematical concepts early on.

Our whole-class presentations, interactive activities and ready-built lessons provide engaging, curriculum-specific content for every topic.

Doddle Maths engaging teaching presentations
Our wide variety of self-marking, tablet compatible quizzes and tests can be easily set and collected through students' secure online accounts. Click here to try one for yourself!
Students can independently access Doddle resources, including a range of interactive revision activities. You can also assign work for individuals wherever they need extra help. Click here to try a revision resource for yourself!
Doddle Maths markbook - automatic assessment and in-depth results breakdown

Doddle’s online markbook automatically records all students' activities, scores and confidence ratings, so you can easily track your classes' results.

What's in Doddle Maths?

Topics for ages 11-14
  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures
  • Probability
  • Statistics
Cambridge iGCSE (Core curriculum)
  • C1 Number
  • C2 Algebra and graphs
  • C3 Geometry
  • C4 Mensuration
  • C5 Co-ordinate geometry
  • C6 Trigonometry
  • C7 Matrices and transformations
  • C8 Probability
  • C9 Statistics
Cambridge iGCSE (Extended curriculum)
  • E1 Number
  • E2 Algebra and graphs
  • E3 Geometry
  • E4 Mensuration
  • E5 Co-ordinate geometry
  • E6 Trigonometry
  • E7 Matrices and transformations
  • E8 Probability
  • E9 Statistics
Edexcel iGCSE (Foundation and Higher tiers)

1. Numbers and the number system

2. Equations, formulae and identities

3. Sequences, functions and graph

4. Geometry and trigonometry

5. Vectors and transformation geometry

6. Statistics and probability

  • Teaching presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Quizzes
  • Revision resources
  • Problem solving quizzes
  • Interactives and animations
Science Browser Resources Revision

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