Increases in marking workload: cutting out the needless


In July, the announcement of Ofsted’s revised guidance for school inspections included the change that inspectors should no longer form a grade on the quality of teaching in individual lesson observations.

The new school inspection handbook signaled a shift in evidence of good teaching and learning towards “scrutiny of pupils’ work”, in particular: “whether marking, assessment and testing are carried out in line with the school’s policy and whether they are used effectively to help teachers improve pupils’ learning”.

In practice, this shift has often translated into greater demand on teachers to provide in-depth marking on more pieces of work, and more pressure to demonstrate that students are acknowledging and responding to feedback.

This pressure was particularly visible last week, when teacher and educational writer Tom Bennett asked teachers on Twitter whether they felt their marking load had increased in recent months. The response was a resounding ‘Yes’, with the majority of responses pinpointing the changes to Ofsted guidance as the main reason behind the increase.

With some teachers citing stories of logging between 65 and 82 hours of school work in a week, the need to save time and cut out needless marking is vital. Doddle is an invaluable asset that allows you to do just that.

For every Doddle homework resource you assign, the online markbook automatically fills in students’ results, with detail going down to a question-by-question basis and showing their first, best and last attempts.

Students also rate how confident they feel after every single resource they look at on Doddle, be it homework, revision or independent learning – meaning that you’ve always got the starting point for a feedback dialogue.

The markbook gives you a wellspring of detailed, meaningful and robust reporting data – ready to save into Excel or print out in an instant. A simple, quick way to provide the evidence that Ofsted are looking for, giving you – and your leadership team – peace of mind.