Keeping workload down

If there’s one thing I learned as a head of year in a large comprehensive school, it’s that homework is the one aspect of school life that all parents can really engage with.  For many parents, quite rightly, it’s a barometer by which to measure activity in the classroom and the attention their child is receiving.

Reducing Teacher Workload

Over the last few years we’ve seen growth in online homework platforms that allow senior teams to have a strong grip on consistent homework setting.  Senior teams can monitor the quality and frequency of homework assigned; parents always know what is expected of their children; and if schools receive complaints from parents, they have evidence to hand of what homework has been set.  Everybody wins, right?

Well, no, not really.  As too often happens, the classroom teacher is forgotten in this process.  Few schools can rely on all pupils having computers and printers at home, and teachers still need to provide hard copy homework.  So online homework setting becomes an “as well as” rather than an “instead of”: an extra admin task at a time when workloads are higher than ever.

The solution for us at Doddle is clear: provide a fully functional homework platform, but build in high quality content, including self-marking homework tasks, to save teachers time.  Teachers can set traditional homework tasks as with any other platform, but they recoup that admin time in spades by also assigning high quality self-marking tasks that give incisive feedback for zero marking load.  With Doddle, everybody really is a winner!

Crispin Chatterton, Doddle Education Adviser


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