Doddle is an online platform with ready-made resources designed to support quality teaching and learning for students aged 11-18.

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Doddle's resources are made to fit seamlessly into your lesson plans. Presentations provide detailed step-by-step explanations of complex concepts, while all our resources are highly visual and full of varied activities.

Doddle's animations and interactive activities bring learning to life, while students can take control of their learning with their own personalised To Do list. Students can independently browse resources, and audio supported activities help aid comprehension for EAL learners.

The Doddle markbook highlights areas of strength and weakness for both individual students and whole classes. Teachers can then easily assign Doddle resources for intervention, aiding effective progress year-on-year.
Doddle contains over 23,000 resources across 18 subjects. Our whole-school homework platform enables communication and consistency across departments.


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Doddle is used in over 30 countries worldwide, helping to ensure high-quality learning and student engagement across international schools.

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